Lantern Bright, Noble Beam EP

by Boeboss

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released November 16, 2013

Instruments are listed separately for each track.

All tracks mixed and mastered by Lochlan Boebel

Art by Noah Boss



all rights reserved


Boeboss Rochester, New York

Boeboss is the result of the bassist and drummer of The Ancient Now putting together songs that just didn't fit the band's style.

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Track Name: Amnesia
Forgetting who you are is a real drag
Not least of all cause you're not anyone
It's hard to be nobody when you clearly have a body
But don't ask me for advice on the situation

Total recall
You lost it all
Poised atop the wall
You took the fall

You took nothing from me
Yet I still feel empty
Like there's nowhere to begin
And I know you're listening
There's no need to be afraid
But I'm terrified again

This well's been dry for quite some time

They say loss of identity makes reason hard to find
Well, it's been ages since I lost myself
But I haven't lost my mind
Still, I have to try to bottle up my spite
Cause if this one last shred of me goes down
I'll never see the light

Maybe if I traveled somewhere distant I could start over again
Find a place to settle down
But then I'd have to fabricate a personality
Not really me, which isn't any fun
So I'll just linger and discover who I am for myself
My selfish impulses are taking over
Now I'm comfortable with lacking an identity
Is what I'm doing wrong? I don't know
And I don't care at this point cause it's too late now
I've passed the point of no return

You gave nothing to me
But I no longer feel empty
I think I know where to begin
And I know you're listening
There's no need to be afraid
Can't you tell that from my grin?

Forgetting who you are is a real drug
Not least of all cause you aren't anyone
It's great to be nobody when you need to hide a body
And your concience won't ever know what hit it
Track Name: In Security
Locked the door and closed the curtains
Prayed it wouldn't find you in your hidden place
Your hideaway

Curled up, you sensed a presence reaching toward you
The risk of discovery hovering over your refuge
Would you ever feel security again, if it were ever-present?

You're alone for now
Or so you thought
What are you frightened of?
Is it really all that bad?
Or are you just afraid that you are all you have?

Your expression, pained and distant
Memories revert to when you were enslaved to your own hate
Your eyes are focused on your old secluded little alcove in the corner
We fought a war there

Tides of adversaries closing in
You thought the cause was lost until an unexpected ally
Brought the cycle back to the ebb

A smile brought back to your eyes, you look at me
And I swear that no matter what assails you
I won't leave your side